When should I replant‪?‬ Pioneer Agronomy: Indiana

When should I replant? Pioneer Agronomy: Indiana

In this episode of the Indiana Pioneer Agronomy podcast, hosts Brian Shrader and Ben Jacob, discuss wheat crop in Indiana and soybean and corn replant considerations. A major concern for wheat growers is controlling head scab. Head scab reduces both grain yield and quality; quality losses can be due to lower test weights and production of a toxin by the head scab fungus. Timely application of fungicides can help protect plants and reduce disease spread.

Each year insects, weather and seedbed conditions present challenges to stand establishment in corn and soybean fields. Growers are often faced with the question should I replant or is my stand good enough to meet an economic yield goal? Brian and Ben discuss considerations for Indiana growers when it comes to potential replant decisions.

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